About Io Cyrus

Attorney Io Cyrus presently serves as Assistant General Counsel for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts in Boston. Cyrus is also active in the community and serves on the boards of charitable organizaiton. From 2003 to 2009, she also performed as President of RESPOND, Inc., a nonprofit organization focused on providing shelter, counseling and services to women and children who have experienced domestic violence. During her presidency, Io Cyrus led a successful capital campaign which raised $2 million to fund the purchase, rennovation and opening of a new new shelter for families, including a child care center.

In the course of her career, Io Cyrus has aided several other philanthropic organizations. For a year, she acted as Executive Director of Coastal AIDS Network, which assists individuals with HIV and AIDS across three counties in Maine. As part of her duties, Cyrus oversaw the development of case management protocols, educational programs, and outreach activities while engaging in government relations, board relations and fundraising. Earlier, she functioned as a Women’s Education Service Coordinator at GMHC. Operating out of Manhattan, GMHC offers HIV prevention education and outreach, works to raise awareness, and engages in treatment advocacy.

Moreover, Io Cyrus co-funded the Pat Parker Award. Given by the National Organization of Black Lesbians on Aging, this honor celebrates the achievement of Pat Parker, a woman who devoted her life to social causes. Parker belonged to the Black Panther Party and the Black Women’s Revolutionary Council. She also helped to create the Women’s Press Collective.


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